Toshiba’s $450 Amazon Fire 4K TV Includes Dolby Vision
It’s a 55-inch 4K TV with HDR(HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE) and Amazon’s Fire TV features built-in for just $449.99(RS.31310.19). Cheaper 50 inch and 43 inch models will arrive before the end of June 2019.
Amazon has teamed up with Toshiba to offer a 55-inch 4K(High resolution) Ultra HD model complete with Fire TV and Dolby Vision. The price? Just Rs.31303.92 ($449.90).

As The Verge reports, Toshiba actually has 3 models of this new TV planned, with the 55 -inch being the most expensive. Before the end of June we’ll also have the option of 50-inch Rs.26460.78($379.99) and 43-inch Rs.22979.00($329.99) models, although you do lose Dolby Vision below 55 -inches if the listings are to be believed. Availability is also limited for Amazon (Recommended) and Best Buy .

The reason for such a competitively-priced Fire Edition TV with Dolby Vision support is Like competition. Amazon computational with the likes of Roku for its services and a 55-inch TCL 4K TV complete with Dolby Vision and Roku TV built-in has been available since March(2019) for Rs.31303.92 ($449.90), although that’s discounted down from $799.99. At just Rs.31303.92 ($449.90), Toshiba And amazon Undercutting discounted price on the competition
Dolby Vision is one of the competing HDR (High Dynamic Range) standards, up against HDR 10+, and HLG.
Dolby Vision will show additional detail than its main rival HDR10, but that depends on the content being watched and what your TV can handle .

Having a TV with Dolby Vision is certainly a plus point if you’re watching 4K content (high resolution), and if you own an Xbox One then you can take full advantage for gaming(Real type ), too.
If Rs.31303.92 ($449.90) isn’t cheap enough for you to consider a purchase,

keep in mind that’s the list price and sure to get discounted.
Amazon is additionally renowned for its aggressive discounting of fireplace TV devices throughout sales like the forthcoming Prime Day, thus keep a watch on the value of this