Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Edition is made official with transparent backing

Lenovo Z6 Pro made its debut in April. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai recently started and the company closed the 5G variant of the phone. Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Edition has made its debut with a transparent back.

The 5G edition of the phone is exactly the same as that of its non-5G variant, except for the difference that it works with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50. The X50 supports download speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second and provides a much more immediate connection between the user and the cloud. It is one of the best Qualcomm 5G support processors to date. The 5G variant comes with a transparent back. Let’s see that:


The screen of the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G is a Super AMOLED panel of 6.39 “with a small notch on top.In my opinion, it is a screen large enough to experience the innovative wireless performance in this phone. Fingerprints, the screen and an impressively small bezel, the small bevels make it look pretty decent and elegant, and I find it quite attractive, and the Z6 Pro has 6 And 8 GB of RAM Avariant Available and 128 GB of storage.

In addition, the phone has a quad camera configured. The transparent back of the smartphone along with the four cameras on the back panel of the phone looks good. The first camera in the configuration is a 16 MP wide-angle module, then the 48-MP main trigger is shown with an aperture of f / 1.8, then we have an 8 MP telephoto lens and the fourth is separated from the main combo and is 2 MP camera, dedicated to video enhancements. The front camera of the smartphone in the notch is 32 MP.

There were still no words about the prices. As it is a 5G phone, its price will also be high. However, I believe that the phone is a true flagship with premium features. It has all those characteristics that everyone wants to have in their hands. Therefore, if someone wants to have a 5G phone in their hands, it will surely be a good option.