jiofibre how to register

jio Giga fibre date launch by Jio company. 12-08-2019 in this date Realiance Jio announced the date of jio giga-fibre, according to Reliance jio official company announcement the date of giga fibre is 5th September of 2019,

How to register Fibre :

Peoples are waiting for this service, finally that was come

but everyones have one question, And the question is how to register for jio giga fibre,

Simple Step 1: Simply you have to Click this Visit.

When you clickto visit you will be redirected to jio fibre official registration site,

Step 2: Then when you reached to the official site enter your address

Jio Also provided map on the side of web.

Specification of Jio-Fibre: Jio is India’s no.1 Telecomm company at this year reliance launch jio fibre that is really cheap and best feature.

In this fibre set top box contain many more channels

and HD,4k Support.

Gigafibre comes with the best speed greater than US

the US contain 90 Mbps speed but jio fibre comes with 100 Mbps


Jio announce that the price rate of this giga fibre and broadband is 700-10000, that is really cool for peoples,

Some Extra: Jio also providing VR And AR reality experience to their user, if you are the game lover so you can purchase this bcoz it will comes with Games, The games is in-built in the set-top box, PlayStation not required,

what is I-O-T?

IOT means the Internet of Things?

This concept helps to control the home applliances or the

machinery from their internet means from the mobile appliication

Good News: now people able to see movies on the realising day, this programme named as FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW

this serivice comes on the august of 2020 bcoz of some laws and rules

but the fibre will confirm launch on the 5th September of the 2019